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MSC CRUISES - Their shows tick all the boxes for maximum impact for our guests. A combination of dance, song, comedy and toe tapping music, not to mention Ian’s extraordinary piano talents make this couple a winner on the smallest cabaret venue to the biggest stage. Their versatility ensure they are able to entertain a multinational audience spanning several generations. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them as a brilliant headliner addition to any entertainment line-up. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.  Stephen Cloete - CRUISE DIRECTOR

BELLE EPOQUE BALL (MC)Without your humour, authority and sheer genius the evening would not have been the huge success that it was. What an absolute pleasure it was working with you, such a professional and may I say of international standard.

GO REEFERS (Cabaret) His show is remarkable, fun, inspiring and a pleasure to watch and he is certainly one of the best all round entertainers in South Africa. From playing the piano, to singing, to comedy, Ian is one of those rare versatile and multi-talented performers that appeals to every segment of the audience. He certainly had the guests on Monday evening eating out of his hands.

QUANTITY SURVEYORS (MC/ Cabaret)- You are the ultimate professional. Anyone else would never have coped with the problems, and you just handled them and made the evening a complete triumph.

SEABOARD OVERSEAS SHIPPING (Handful of Keys excerpts) – Everyone is raving – and that is wonderful for an international company.

NATIONAL PRINCIPALS CONFERENCE (Cabaret) – “This is normally such a difficult audience – for you to have 1000 people standing and cheering – WOW!”

SUPERSKOUSPEL (Creative Director) – Working with you is always an extraordinary experience. Your execution is brilliant.

PURPLE GROUP (media training) – You have made me look so good – I am being told that I am brilliant for booking you. The feedback has been really positive.

STARFISH FOUNDATION (MC/Cabaret) – “Oh thank you – the funniest and best MC we have ever had”

GENERAL MOTORS – PE STADIUM – (Ian – Cabaret) A standing ovation – I think that is a first for us. You were brilliant – thank-you!

STEERS FAMOUS BRANDS DINNER (Handful of Keys excerpts) I have never seen our people so entertained. Thank you.

CAMPHILL FUNDRAISER – (one man show) Thank you for the brilliant show. People are raving – and they are still awe struck and totally inspired

THE HERALD 170TH – (guest entertainer) You are an incredible talent. Thank you for making our evening so beautiful.

2015 FIESTA AWARDS KYKNET- (director and concept) Your dedication and commitment are admirable. People are going to talk about this one for a long time.

GEODIS WILSON (MC/ guest entertainer) OH WOW! This reaction was unprecedented. Best of 4 continents so far.

BARNYARD FUNDRAISER – Anne Best – Went last night to the most incredible concert at the Barnyard , Cresta Centre – Ian Von Memerty. He never ceases to amaze me with his musicality . the man is a musical genius. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and of course the Barnyard has an amazing vibe with everyone eating and chilling. Ian Von Memerty is the most laid back, sincere artist I have seen for a long time, and of course his music, singing and dancing is just exceptional. (and he’s also so “gorjus” to look at!!).

HANDFUL OF KEYS – The God given gift of the ability to act, sing and play the piano (and make people laugh) and all the hard work into refining those skills is presented with such ease and nonchalnce that we left the theatre uplifted and amazed. Such talent, such a joy to watch! THANK YOU.

HANDFUL OF KEYS – My husband and I were fortunate enough to watch Roelof Colyn and yourself perform your show A Handful of Keys when you were in Dubai last month.  I just wanted to say “thank you” very much for such an amazing evening.  You are both so talented and I look forward to your next show here in Dubai. – Christine Roux

CIRCLE OF LIFE – Kasvia you sing brilliantly, Oscar you bring the house down – you are a star! Viv you are stylish, sexy, laid back and yet compelling. Ian – you are simply the best entertainer in SA today – Dawn Lindberg.

CELEBRATION -   laughed like I thought I had forgotten, I cried at Viv in her floaty green dress, my heart quivered at the beauty and purity of Kasvia’s voice – and I was astounded at the versatiltiy of your multi faceted talents – thank you for a reminder of the beautful things there are – Janet Gordon


A HANDFUL OF KEYS - What an impact you show has – we were absolutely enthralled by the absolute magic you offered – Avril Culverwell

WHAT a wonderful, wonderful show! I could not laughing, clapping, crying and rejoicing – Nothing usurps ‘class’ and ‘style’ – Lorraine Shephard


CIRCLE OF LIFE - I am in awe of your vibrancy, passion, celebratory spirit, vision, versatility and discipline. Tell Viv she redefines ‘exquisite’. Thank you for sharing your family and outstanding talent with us …….. Aviva Pelham

CIRCLE OF LIFEI have always been a fan of your sharp wit and piano skills – but your family show! What a triumph. I was enthralled and touched – Viv’s beauty, grace and serene gentlelness, the outstanding costumes – YOU WERE ALL FANTAUBLOUS!!!  And Oscar – what stage prescence! What energy! His  choreographic timing – I have lost my heart to him… Brenda Sudano.

SA’S GOT TALENT – Hi Ian, I am a BIG fan of your’s  and saw a Hand full of Keys about 6 times!!!! Last Night I was in tears with you when the little black girl sang. I think you are so Brilliant. I also loved Strictly came Dancing. All the Best. Susan Forret


STARLIGHT CLASSICS – Ian! My husband and I attended last nights Starlight Classics at the JCC by invitation from FNB. Little did we know you had directed it. It was amazing, thank you so much for a wonderful prgramme and equally unforgetable evening! – Carrinna and Vusi


KERRY WALSH FUNDRAISER – Well Mr Von Memerty,  you have done it again. Having seen you perform a Handful of Keys some years ago, I was sufficiently inspired to write to you and again last night you outdid yourself. It is so rare to see such talent that spans vocals and keyboard, blended with such natural flair for comedy. A thoroughly enjoyable show and your generosity in the giving of a free show for Kerry is a lesson and an inspiration to us all. Thanks. Julie.

Hi Ian!  I just felt this urge to email you. I have seen Handfull of keys,with Roelof and Jonathan, 3 times and I think it’s an absolute MASTERPIECE!! Everytime I saw it I was just more and more amazed by the show – well done!! I play piano myself and just love it, but my dream is to be able to use the piano and really entertain people like you guys do!  You have a God-given talent…don’t ever stop playing! I also want to know why the show stopped? I think the show should run forever!!!!!!
Regards – Andre du Preez



Dear Ian & Family Doron invited us to come to your show at the Cheshire Home on Sat night (23 May).  It was great!  Your medley of SA tunes was great too – I felt very proudly South African! If you were put off by my tearful eyes, not too worry – they were tears of absolute joy!  Thanks for using your wonderful talent to make people happy – we all need that! Best wishes
Iris Allen



Dear Ian – The hugest thank you for a job so brilliantly done. You had all the ladies eating out of your hand. We appreciate you giving of your time so willingly to have made the afternoon such a great success. Thank you for being so pateint with us amatuers, we are still learning. We hope to make this an annual event so see you next year! Hah hah! Thanks again Tania and Sharon



Thankyou for a wonderful show and for sharing your joys and heartbreaks with us over the years – you feel like family, and we celebrate with you! Have been to as many shows as possible, and enjoyed every one. What a stunner is Vivienne – breathtaking dancer! And don’t tell Oscar, but we DO think he is cute – on the other hand, so is George Clooney, “en kyk hoe lyk hy”! Come back to Cape Town soon, and bring Rory Rootenberg as well! You are going to have to step aside to be an accompanist soon, when Kaskia gets in her stride! God bless, and go well.

Sincere regards, Patti Cleveland



My Husband and I have family in Cape Town, and this April they treated us to a show – A Handful Of Keys. We had the night of out lives. A truly wonderful show! We laughed, cried and were mesmerised throughout the entire show. Are you planning a tour in the UK at anytime? We would love to see it again and have talked non-stop to all our friends. Please let us know if you plan a UK tour at all, we would be eternally grateful!!! – Annabelle Price

Dear Memerty Foursome,

(My) Ian and I thoroughly enjoyed the show, from beginning to end  –  just what the ”doctor ordered” at this time of the year.  We felt very honoured to be included with all the celebrities and really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Oscar and Kasvia are so adorable, and very talented, and certainly received great applause.We would like to wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, filled with health, happiness, laughter and many more delightful shows/performances.

Kindest regards –  Ian and Sonja (Laxton).


Duisende dankies vir ‘n magic show. My ma is 82, het vir 68 jaar daarvan die kerkorrel gespeel. Sy het nie skoolgegaan nie – sy het musiek gegaan! Sy was van 5 jaar in ‘n convent tussen Irish nuns, het musiek, musiek en musiek as vak gehad. Sy is die mees briljante pianis wat ek ken – het vir dansklasse, ballet, soliste begelei. Musiekonderwyseres met meestersgraad in orrelmusiek. Sy het langs my gesit en met haar af-heup, rolstoel en smart (my broer is 2 maande gelede op 53 oorlede) haar beste dag ooit in jare gehad. Sy het gehuil van geluk toe sy terugkom by die huis. Vertel asb vir die 2 pianiste ek was dood skaam vir die oningeligte mammas wat hul kinders nie kon beheer.

Groete – Toelie Barnard



We went with our 8 year old son to see A Handful of Keys yesterday and it was absolutely fabulous.  We first saw the show when you and Brian started it years ago and we loved it then, and we loved it now – Roelof and Jonathan were incredible.  Congrats on 14 years – this is really a show worth keeping around.
We bought your CD as well – it is stunning – thank you so much!!!
Thank you again for sharing your talent and heart with us.

CELEBRATION – You were quite right – WOW!!!!

Thank you all for a wonderful evening!  It was the perfect blend of family, polish, laughs, genuine feeling and seeing 4 friends up on stage having so much fun together and doing it so WELL was a real treat and the shot in the arm the 3 of us needed. WOW!!  Well done and thank you!

Margaret, Luke and Jane

A HANDFUL OF KEYS – Dear Ian Saw your show in PE yesterday and was blown away again.This is the 3rd time I have seen it.The first time was at the Plett Barnyard(think it was the first show at this Barnyard). Saw it again at Barnyard with Roelof and now the third. Fantastic. You are such and inspiring person what with all you and your family have been thro. You give off so much energy and even tho you wer’nt in the show your energy still shone thro !!!! The guys were great. Such talent.I also bought your cd and am enjoying it so much.I teach music to children and have a real passion for music and ensemble work .Have to get them to play first before we venture into group work but now and then we get it together for the local eiatedfod or old age home or anyone who will have us.!!! I specially enjoyed the African medly and would love to arrange it for a group of instruments.Is the music available (to purchase or download).It is so well done and such a lovely arrangement. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you once again for sharing your talents with us and for your positive, fun outlook on life. Regards Jane Donald


STANDARD BANK – Good Morning to You Once again a huge thanks for Saturday evening. By all accounts, you were an explosive hit! An evening like that is only held together, and is as good as its MC! And an mc, showman, entertainer of note we had! My thanks to you once again, for making me look good!! Kind Regards Camilla


IMPERIAL NU CORP IDENTITY LAUNCH – Hi Ian I had great feedback from Imperial who said you were superb!!! Best regards Babs Smith


THE BEST OF RORY AND IAN – We would like to compliment you on an outstanding evening. The show was an absolute delight……..we enjoyed every single minute of it! Just wish we could see it again and again!! Please convey our thanks to Ian, Rory and Jeremy for entertaining us and making it a night to remember! Special mention must be made of Ian’s lovely family. They were a treat! Once again thanks for giving us the chance to see this marvellous production. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to many great shows in the years ahead. Regards Marcel and Linda Nathan and all at Table


STRICTLY COME DANCING – We would like to congratulate you on your latest “Strictly Come Dancing” programme. We feel it is the best one you have had with some wonderful contestants. The standard was extremely high and I am sure you will find it difficult to find another group as enthusiastic again. Each week we just could hardly wait to see who was voted off and were very sorry on some occasions. We just missed seeing you and your beautiful wife dance for us, or even just hearing you sing as you are the ultimate entertainer.

CAPTAIN ENTERTAINMENT – Thank you so much for a wonderful show.thank you for giving as much of yourself as you do. You don’t know what a difference you make to the lives of many people. You are a wonderful person and one heck of an entertainer. Lara


CAPTAIN ENTERTAINMENT – I laughed, I really laughed – you really touched and inspired me. Michelle


CAPTAIN ENTERTAINMENT – Thank you very much for organizing the 4 tickets for me and my friends from Somerset West. We thoroughly enjoyed the show last Saturday at 17h00 and I should like you to convey to Ian Von Memerty our congratulations on a fabulous show. The best part was that there was no foul language, no swearing and no blasphemy. It just shows that a comedian can produce a clean show with lots of satire and laughs, without resorting to filth, unlike some of our other comedians.

CAPTAINE ENTERTAINMENT –  It was a fantabulous show

My husband and I attended your Captain Entertainment on Saturday, 21 April, at the Theatre on the Bay. All I can say is: BRAVO!!! It truly was a tour de force of non-stop energy, entertainment, world class music, song and dance. You are an incredibly versatile and talented performer and deserve a medal for the many years of commitment and dedication youve shown towards furthering SA entertainment and theatre! Your show was an absolute highlight for us, and one well never forget. In fact, I still remember attending A Handful of Keys also at Theatre on the Bay while still at school, and it being a highlight for me back then too. Your latest show left us both feeling uplifted, inspired and deliriously happy.

adored your direction of THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY. It was slick, fast paced, highly entertaining and beautifully cast. Thank you for a truly fun afternoon at the theatre.

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