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Having survived two children with fatal genetic conditions ; struggling to raise the millions of rands needed for their Bone Marrow Transplants ;
then losing a child ;
then being diagnosed as Bi-Polar Type 2 at the age of 47 ;
all the while being a freelancer for 30 years  - Ian's shares his personal journey.
The message is viral both for individuals and businesses.

CHOICE was often the only power he had.
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Economic, Political, Social, Physical, Professional, Environmental, Physical.
Using recent global examples to show us how change has happened ;
how it has affected us and benefited us ; and created opportunities that could not have been dreamed about before.
Ian brings a vision of how to embrace change and to make "change" work for you

To welcome the inevitable
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In a world of break neck news - where every global catastrophe, social stress, and local worry is flung at us so fast that we can hardly breath,
 we often lose the whole picture.
Whether it is child mortality, education, population growth, energy supply , water scarcity, global economics, the endless cycle of positive economic growth ;_
Ian's insatiable passion for 'the whole story", the facts and not the spin,  will leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful.
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