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Married for 28 years, the magic of their partnership of dance, song, glamour, and laughter is given shape by their history. As one critic said "It is like watching water - seamless and shimmering"

They met as performers - and performing together seemed a natural extension of the personal relationship. Despite the extraordinary medical struggle of their first two children their performing partnership was never derailed. "But we both expected that we had a limited lifespan as dancers. Then in 2004 Ian hosted an international ballroom / latin show full of fabulous hot young dancers. We also did a few numbers together and for some reason the audience loved us best". Ever since then we have worked at upping our game, stretching ourselves as performers, tightening the partnership so that our audiences are kept intrigued and entertained - and we are fulfilled and challenged.
These are the four shows that we have developed - giving the audience entertainment that is stylish, diverse and unique
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