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Having directed well over 100 productions, from Award Winning One-Man Revues to vast Extravaganzas for 25,000  people - I now choose projects very carefully. Directing is a very costly experience, in terms of time and energy, and the project has to be worth while. BUT I am delighted to be RESIDENT CREATIVE DIRECTOR for

For the theatre, obviously the best known product was "A Handful of Keys", which I directed (and scripted) from 2001 to 2017. Other directing credits include productions of The Rocky Horror Show, Grease, and Buddy Holly.

Scripting and Directing credits include Cadenza X-Trav, Umoja, Big Band Blast

(all Best Production Award Winners) amongst dozens of others.

Large Events I have devised and/or directed include

Madiba's 85th Birthday, WWF Fund 50th Anniversary, SuperskouSpel,

Mandela's 100th Birthday Celebration, The Enthronement of the Bafokeng King,

14 Starlight Classics and 5 Fiesta Awards.

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