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The Capital Singers Project

is a sensational concept that gives audiences a feast of music and spectacle.

Conceived by conductors Christo Burger and Michael Barrett,

it offers amateurs a chance to be part of a big professional production.

The singers have the professionally recorded music sent to them,

so they can learn the material before the first rehearsal.

Then, in three days they are transformed from a 1000 individuals into a unified whole, performing with an orchestra, great stars as soloists - and superb technical  support.

It started out with just 100 people, and 15 shows later each show now has a

1000 voices in the choir and the Capital Singers's new home is

The Menlyn Sun Arena in Tshwane.

I joined as resident director at the end of 2018.

It is now such a big project that it needs someone to steer all the departments in one direction.

I love the idea, the people and the product.

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